Virtual reality slots: opportunities and threats

When online gambling first became ‘a thing’ it revolutionised the way we play not only slots but all kinds of games. It means that, for the first time, we could play at home, play at our own pace, even try out a load of different games to play at Dream Jackpot all at once because of the amount of choice there would be all in one place.

Then came mobile gaming. Thanks to technology that allowed apps to be created and then downloaded to people’s phones and tablets, not only could we have all the positive and convenient effects of online slots, but we could have them on the go, making them better than ever.

The future is going to hold a good number of advancements and different technologies when it comes to slots, and one of those advancements – and it is unlikely to come as a surprise to those who have been keeping up with changes in the industry – is virtual reality slots. But are these kinds of slots opportunities or threats?


There are a number of excellent reasons to embrace virtual reality slots as soon as possible; they bring with them all kinds of opportunities. The main advantage is that it makes playing slots a lot more exciting. Despite the flashing lights and loud noises, the game is pretty much the same wherever you go. With the VR aspect firmly in place, you can add another layer of enjoyment to proceedings, and those who might have been thinking about stopping playing slots due to boredom might have a rethink.

Another positive benefit is that virtual reality slots finally give people who might not otherwise have been able to enjoy slots at all the chance to get involved in this ever-growing industry. Virtual reality is like a bridge between a real life, land based casino and an online one, allowing more and more people to take part. It would have been a shame if they had missed out; well now they don’t have to.


Of course, with every positive there is sure to be a negative, and virtual reality slots are really no different. One of the biggest problems with slots played in VR mode is that land based casinos might well suffer. Why would people want to visit real casinos which takes time and extra money for travelling, when they can have (almost) the exact same experience at home using VR technology. If this does happen and fewer people go to land based casinos, they might eventually have to close down.

Plus, there is the issue of addiction. When you are entirely immersed in an online slots game using virtual reality technology because you are using VR, you may find that you get carried away and spend too much, or even spend too much time playing. To combat this, a budget is required, and a time limit – otherwise you can find yourself in difficulties.

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