Top List of Background Metal Music for Studying


Most of the students across the globe usually have the urge to listen to music while in their study sessions. This is because this enhances their understanding and concentration. Others have even reported their inability to revise or study in a tranquil setting.

Ideally, listening to music as you study depends on your preferences and taste. Since back in the 90s, experts have documented that metal makes many students smarter since it improves their focus.

Nonetheless, the truth is that not all heavy metal songs have the same effect. So, which are the best metal songs for studying? Here is a top list of metal background music for studying as well as how the songs influence your studying ability.



  1. “Nightmare” By Avenged Sevenfold 

Right from the fifth Avenged Sevenfold album is the track Nightmare, which was produced when the band was at their finest. Emotionally riveting and hard-hitting in equal measure, this track was a memorable introduction to the novel A7X world, established in memory of the late Jimmy ‘Rev’ Sullivan.

A monumental career-defining moment, Nightmare’s release was a testimony that, despite the sorrow, it is possible to carry on. As such, this track has proven a practical solution that helps students remain calm and optimistic. These are remarkable traits for an otherwise stressing college lifestyle.

  1. “Shadow Moses” By Bring Me the Horizon

Shadow Moses released is arguably BMTH’s most famous single from their 2013 album. It is a significantly powerful track that asserts the dominance of the band ultimately. It boasts exciting and punchy bridge-making; it an ideal background song for studying.

Its positive vibe inspires good moods and optimistic feelings, which are a bonus for an otherwise stressful revision process for a test.

  1. “Deutschland” By Rammstein

Rammstein hit the roof in 2019 by releasing the “Deutschland,” track. It has everything you would otherwise expect from this German outfit. Dashed with dark, techno-pop, political ambivalence and crunchy riffs, this catchy yet massive cut from the self-titled Rammstein opus is the type of ripper that beeps in your head and cements itself in your heart after just a single spin.

This is ideally the type of track that communicates with your whole being, helping you get in touch with your inner self-an excellent way to help you keep calm and work on your learning.


  • Helps Relieve Stress: 

A Queensland School study revealed that listening to metal music boosts the mood of the participants, inspired them, and helped them process their anger more effectively.

The study involved 30 students aged 20 years. The students were angered and subsequently asked to pick between sitting down in a quiet setting or listening to a metal music playlist.  According to the study, students who chose the metal music option experienced some relief and a decrease in their rage. What’s more, they exhibited positive emotions.

Ideally, if schoolwork is stressing you, the most popular advice would be to settle down, relax, and work at it at a later time. However, when you ask any of the best students in your institution, you will be surprised if they tell you ‘all I do is pay someone to do my assignment for me, and relax while listening to my music or attend my other duties.

Ideally, metal music will not only get you feeling more inspired but also much more active to carry on. Stress and pressure drive most students’ insane while in school, but listening to metal music has proven a great solution.

  • More Logical Arguments: 

Music has been proven to boost cognitive abilities since it challenges your brain. Furthermore, the more the complexity of the music, the more you will enhance your cognitive abilities-and better yet, you can study while listening to your music.

Metal music, in particular, has been seen to help ‘metal-heads’ minds by affording them the tools necessary to argue their position logically. For instance, tutors can promote logical thinking by posing some audacious claims like ‘listening to certain music genres is related to violent actions.’

Through exploring such an accusation of offence and violence-that involved globally accredited artists like Marilyn Mason and Cradle of Filth-students can actively participate in scientific thinking, investigate logical erroneous beliefs, thinking biases, and research design issues.

  • Improves memory

Your brain effectively learns best through distinct patterns. This is why it is easier to recall the songs you have heard from your favourite music playlist, no matter the genre. Song patterns facilitate better understanding and recollection of information quickly.

As such, you may find it easier to recall the material you study if you were studying while listening to your favourite band.


If you have read this, then it is highly probable that you love metal music. Listening to music has numerous benefits, and metal music is no different. It has proved a vital factor in helping boost mood levels, reduce anger and stress, as well as promote better concentration.

As such, when things get a little stressful or intense during your study or revision sessions, don’t argue, complain, or blame. Pick any of these few tracks on this list or any of your favourite metal tracks and press play!

Sandra Larson is a published author and freelance journalist. Sandra is also a mental health advocate. She is passionate about creating more tolerance and empathy in the world. 

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