Slot Game Developers Tournaments that you should play

Casino games tournaments are always going to be enjoyed, and there are plenty that you can get involved in, whether it’s poker, roulette, blackjack, or anything else. But have you thought of playing in a slots tournament? These things really do exist, and they offer people a huge amount of fun and the opportunity to win some impressive prizes.

Slot game developers are eager to get involved in slot game tournaments and are actually creating their own now. Here are some of the best ones you can play now at


Quickspin hails from Sweden, and is a subsidiary of the Playtech Group. Quickspin have some awesome games on the market, including Wild Cauldron, Ticket to the Stars, and Panther’s Reign. They have recently started to develop slot tournaments and their reputation is growing.

Quickspin work in partnership with Competition Labs and their tournaments are professionally run and enjoyable. Players will gain points during their gaming time and the slot they play on will determine how many points they will receive. It might be that points are awarded each time they have a scatter appear, or if a wild is involved in a win. There is a leader board that players can keen an eye on too, helping them see exactly where they are in the competition.


NetEnt offers a great deal of entertainment (as their name suggests!) and some of their highly rated games include some you will certainly have heard of such as Hall of Gods, Jack Hammer, and Secret Code. Not only are they highly regarded as a slots developer, but so too are their tournaments thought of. Their prizes are always worth getting involved for and excited about too.

Why Play Slots Tournaments?

You might think that slots tournaments are just for those with a lot of money; after all, there must be some kind of entry fee involved and probably some minimum betting limits too. Although this is certainly the case for some tournaments which are really only going to be of interest to the high rollers, many others are free to enter – or have a very small entry fee – and won’t require you to make minimum deposits. Of course, as with any slot game, the more you pay the more you can win, but that is down to you.

When you sign up for a slot tournament, you will be assigned a slot machine and a time frame. When it’s your turn, you start playing just as you would at any other time, only this time you’ll be in the competition. You’ll be given 800 credits to play with and 20 minutes and the aim of the game is to use all the credits and win as much as you can within those 20 minutes. It’s a very simple process and one that can truly enhance the game overall!

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