Album Review: Sanzu – Heavy Over The Home

Sanzu - Heavy Over the Home

This record initially set out to strike me for its really enigmatic album cover and title, but the sound immediately took over, as this band set out to release one of the most intense records I’ve had the chance to hear this year.

Heavy Over The Home is like a battlefield where the action never stops. Opening track “Old Orchard Floor” is heavy, dark and textural, with guitars and vocals interlocking perfectly with the rhythm sections.

Second track, “Phenomena” has got a more modern approach, with some sick guitar riffing in the forefront and some drum beats that seem to defy physics. One of the best track son the record is definitely “Ubiety,” with walls of guitars that become darker and darker as the song goes along. The song kicks in with a very wide drum tempo, with sparse, heavy kick / snare combos and a wash of cymbals to make everything sound like a bomb exploding in slow-motion.

Another track worth mentioning is definitely “Colorblind,” a song that begins with some of the album’s best soundscapes and atmospheric sounds, soon to give way to some really interesting clean guitar melodies, for a change of pace.

Listen to the full album:

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