Pop and Metal Songs that Have Been Inspired by Gambling and Casinos

The themes of casinos and gambling have given rise to several pop culture references and songs that are based on the same theme, sprawling across generations. There is a certain allure and a mystical charm to casinos that have resulted in the youth to take to them and use their themes in movies songs, and literally, anywhere that looks befitting. If it can be put across that way, the themes of casinos and gambling have always been seen as a prop in pop culture and for good reasons. Having established that, the motto of this article is to enlist a few songs that explore the themes of casinos and gambling in one way or the other. And though the world has been forced into a situation of lockdown, and there is no way to move around freely in most parts of the world, you can always play this list and indulge in some online gambling. Facts, according to USAFriendlyPokerSites.com, state that listening to a specific kind of music can enhance your mood and concentration even while indulging in games on online casinos. Therefore, you might as well use this hack and see if it does anything for you. We shall now move straight into the main section of the article and look at the songs that have charted several musical lists and for a long, long time.

Deuces are Wild, Aerosmith (1994):

Nothing compares to Aerosmith when it comes to nostalgia. The band has given hit songs one after the other, and in consecutive years. And that is perhaps why it is incredibly important to mention this name at the top of the list. Rock bands have a penchant for themes of gambling and Deuces are Wild is one such song that stands as a testament to the same. Even if you are not much of a fan of gambling or songs that exploit the theme, you can sit back and listen to this song any given day.

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A Little Less Conversation, Elvis Presley (1968):

Elvis Presley, the name is enough to turn heads and pique the interest of music lovers. The man was an institution in himself, and his discography was unique and preppy. The song in discussion is A Little Less Conversation that hit the charts in 1968 and reigned for a long span of time. The song went on to become such a hit that a remixed version of the same was used in the classic casino movie Ocean’s Eleven.

Casino Boogie, The Rolling Stones (1972):

Here is another legendary band that we need to talk about while enlisting the best songs themed on casinos and gambling. Casino Boogie is a popular song by The Rolling Stones (which, by the way, needs no introduction) that was released in 1972. The history of the song is quite incredible when you come to know of it. The band was nowhere near a casino or had any hint of any gambling on their mind when they began writing the song. These were just random words put together to make something complete, which, by the way, worked and how!

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Ace of Spades, Motorhead (1980):

In a list that talks about casino and gambling themed songs, it would be sacrilegious to not include a metal song by the very famous Motorhead. Ace of Spades is a song that needs to be included in this list without a doubt. Some very heavy metal influences, and direct references to gambling, this song is a hit and stays the same even till this day. Metal music is not something that everyone can stomach. But, if you want to try it out for the first time, maybe this would be a great start.


Casinos and gambling are amazing themes to be explored in the entertainment industry. And with these songs playing in your house, there is no way that you can ignore the siren call of the casinos. Therefore, at any given point in time, if you have a craving for the casino games, play these songs in your house and enjoy the games that you can find online. Sit back in your living room or browse through the mobile casino apps in your bedroom, the songs are sure to tune you in for the mood.

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