Little Known Facts About Gambling


Like with any other form of entertainment, there are several myths and legends that surround casinos, betting, and gambling in general. In parallel with these myths and legends, there are also certain facts that are quite unpopular. Thereby, better read on in you are interested in uncovering little known facts about gambling.

Card Counting

Card counting is actually a perfectly legal strategy, specifically for black jack. Card counting is a technique that involves a keen memory to keep track of the cards which have already been dealt as the game is played. Nevertheless, operators attempt to combat card counting by slightly modifying the rules for casino spiele, or casino games that involve the use of cards. This is to ensure that the house will always have the advantage, even over the smartest players.

Original Slot Machines

Perhaps it would come as a surprise to know that the earlier versions of slot machines used to dispense fruit-flavored chewing gum. This is the reason why there are pictures of fruits in some of the reels in the slot machines. Even some online slot games incorporated this in their games. Aside from the fruit-flavored gums, the earliest versions of slot machines also dispensed tokens which can be exchanged for actual food and drinks.

Penny Slot Machines

Another interesting, but quite unpopular fact about gambling, still revolves around slot machines. Penny slot machines are known to make a significant revenue for the casino operators, much more than any other game played in the casino. Hence, it can be deemed that penny slots are actually the most profitable game in the casino industry.

Blue Chip Companies

In the stock market, blue chip companies are referred to as such when they are valuable. The term blue chip actually came from the most popular card game, which is poker. When poker was initially played, it only involved three chip colors namely white, red and blue. White chips had the lowest value, red chips were of the middle value, while the blue chips had the highest value. Hence, the term blue chip came to signify something that was of significant value and this was adapted even in the stock market.

Steve Jobs

One interesting, but a subtle fact about gambling is about Steve Jobs, the great mind behind Apple. It turns out that the  biological father of Steve Jobs is a casino billionaire. Abdulfattah John Jandali is a Syrian refugee with a Ph.D. in political science and economics. Mr. Jandali is the vice president of the Boomtown Casino and Hotel, famous for its “all-you-can-enjoy” Lobster Buffet and one of the most successful casinos in Reno, Nevada.


To wrap things up, there are indeed numerous myths and legends that revolve around casinos and gambling in general, which can greatly affect how players play the games, or how bettors place their wagers. But aside from these myths and legends, there are particular facts that only a number of people know. As a responsible gambler, you can use these unpopular facts about gambling to your advantage

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