Don’t Make These Mistakes When Preparing for Cisco 200-901 Exam with Practice Tests!

With the increasing difficulty of IT exams, practice tests have become very popular among students because of the important role they play in the preparation phase. However, there are a couple of common mistakes that even you might be making when using these materials. So in this post, we will be finding out what they are in regard to the Cisco 200-901 exam, and how you can avoid them .

What Is the Cisco 200-901 Exam?

Passing 200-901 is the only requirement for getting Cisco DevNet Associate certification. It will be assessing your mastery of the topics listed below throughout a period of 120 minutes.

To prepare for this test, you can follow the training course offered by Cisco, read books written by professionals, watch video tutorials, and so on. Remember, the more resources you use the more chances you have to pass the assessment on the first try. Now that you have an idea about the exam, it’s time to evaluate your preparation style.

Are You Making These Mistakes?

Go through the list below and check whether you make any of those slip-ups. If you do, it’s high time you make amends!

  • Study with no guidance

Learning everything included in the syllabus with no focus whatsoever is the most unproductive way to prepare yourself for 200-301 exam. Take a good look at the required objectives and topics and try to give more attention to those areas when studying because they are what you will most likely be questioned on. The best way to do so is to follow a study guide or train with valid practice tests as they involve actual questions from recent exams.

  • Assume you know it all

It may not be overconfidence, but sometimes we tend to think that some of the theories we read are obvious and that we knew it all along. But when you try to answer a related question you might see that you CCIE Enterprise . So stop assuming you already understand it all, and start doing practice tests to check your knowledge and find your lack points.

  • Ignore time management

Another mistake that most students make is doing sample tests without timing them. Time is a critical factor in Cisco Devnet Associate . If you can’t answer all the questions within the given limit, the knowledge you gained would be useless as you won’t be able to prove your competence. So make sure you set deadlines when taking trial attempts and improve your time management.

  • Cram on the night before the exam

Over 90% of candidates go through this at least at one of their exams if not all. While some believe that it’s easier to remember things that you learned right before the assessment, it is only partially true. You might be able to remember certain ideas or keywords, but you won’t grasp them completely and have a clear understanding of the concepts learned. Hence, it would be best if you work according to a plan and get things done well before the exam date so that you can use the remaining time to check yourself.


If you want to excel in 200-901 exam and get Cisco Devnet Professional Certification , you will have to perfect your preparation style. If you find yourself making any of the mistakes mentioned above, it’s time to correct them. Make the best use of invaluable resources like practice tests to turn your exam preparation phase into a fruitful one!

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