Best Rock Themed Slot Games

Online slot developers have created memorable iGaming experiences based around just about every theme imaginable. One of those themes that they keep revisiting is hard rock and heavy metal music. Both with their own penchants for walking on the wild side and clear obsessions with outlaw culture, gambling and rock music weirdly go hand in hand.

The relationship is symbiotic too. Tales of high stakes risk and wagering it all in one way or another frequently make it into the music. Meanwhile, the iconic imagery of rock often finds its way into the gambling industry too. Sometimes the biggest stars of the heavy music world get further immortalised as the slot machines themselves. As if their own multi-platinum careers weren’t enough!

There are many examples of such rock ‘n’ roll inspired gambling titles these days. With more launched every year, we thought we’d share some of the best currently on the market with you.

Jimi Hendrix

An early pioneer of progressive music, Jimi Hendrix usually tops most lists he’s featured on. Given his status in popular culture, veteran online casino software designers NetEnt decided to make the virtuoso guitarist the subject of one of their innovative slot machines.

Jimi Hendrix

The Jimi Hendrix slot machine, of course, features the legendary axman’s music – you can hear “Foxy Lady” and “Purple Haze” play during the main game, with more shredding licks hitting you on both big wins and other special feature triggers. In fact, just about every soundbite on the game is taken from Hendrix’s back catalogue.

The game play of the slot itself is rather typical of the industry. It features five reels and three rows, and players must match symbols along one of the 20-win lines available. As you might have guessed from one of godfathers of psychedelic music, the symbols for the game are all pretty “far out”. Think CND signs, vinyl, Hendrix’s legendary flowered Stratocaster, and typical of the peace and love era, love hearts and flowers.

The Jimi Hendrix slot from NetEnt not only looks and sounds great, it also plays well too. Different special features take the names of Jimi’s songs. You can expect big wins during the Purple Haze Feature, as all low value symbols change into “wilds”. Similarly, free chances to win in the form of Crosstown Traffic Free Spins, Purple Haze Free Spins, and Little Wing Free Spins, each with their own additional feature, keep players constantly guessing at what will happen next.


From one utter legend to another. The Motorhead slot machine by Playtech is another slot machine that just flat out rocks. The British heavy metal outfit’s most famous track the “Ace of Spades” is a direct homage to now deceased vocalist Lemmy Kilmister’s penchant for living dangerously. This, plus the fact that the group enjoyed an illustrious four-decade career, with Lemmy continuing to perform right up until his death, surely makes Motorhead one of the most fitting groups to have a slot machine in their honour.


The Motorhead slot itself is set on a loaded stage, moments from showtime. Iconic custom Marshall Stacks border the game grid and the band’s equipment waits ready for the player to hit “Rock Mode”. Pressing this produces a real voice clip of Lemmy and then one of the band’s legendary tracks starts up. There are quite a few tracks to listen to as well, which helps to give the feeling of a real Motorhead show.

In terms of special features on the game, there is both a free spin mode, as well as the “Mystery Reel” and “Bomber” Features. These features keep the action fresh and can create some massive wins.

Thanks to an unconventional gameboard, there are a total of 76 winnings lines along which players must match symbols directly inspired by the band and its lengthy career. All told, given Lemmy’s passing a few years ago, we find the Motorhead slot machine to be a fitting tribute to one of the most recognisable faces and voices in all of rock music. And yes, you can listen to “Ace of Spades” when you play it here and with no need to sign up or deposit.

Guns n Roses

It’s only the biggest bands that get a slot machine in their honour. Without doubt one of the largest rock groups on the planet is Guns N’ Roses.


The slot in their honour is, of course, set out front at one of the band’s massive concerts. Each of the members has their own symbol, with Slash and Axel being amongst the more valuable. Players can also match custom plectrums and other symbols for a host of special features. As the slot awards wins, the crowd animates making it feel even more like you’re down at the front of stage ready to watch Slash shred.

When it comes to special features, NetEnt didn’t just rely on free spins and a “pick a box” style bonus round for its Guns N’ Roses slot. In fact, the game showcases the designer’s innovative take on online slots well. Expanding symbols, including the “Appetite for Destruction Wild” keep the action ever changing, and the Crowd Pleaser Bonus Game is a multi tier feature that can award players with all kinds of potentially lucrative features.

During the action, players get to pick which track from the LA rockers’ back catalogue they listen to. They can choose between some of the band’s biggest hits, including “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “Paradise City”, “November Rain”, and “Chinese Democracy”.

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