Exclusive: YOU BRED RAPTORS? Premiere New Song “Hyperbole”

Exclusive: YOU BRED RAPTORS? Premiere New Song "Hyperbole"

Queens, NY-based, experimental, post-rock act, You Bred Raptors?, release “Hyperbole” from their forthcoming album, International Genetics, due out this Summer. The song, which can be heard before, is exclusively brought to you by Prog Sphere.

Peat Rains commented: “‘Hyperbole’ was recorded at Nada Recording Studios (My Chemical Romance) and mixed and mastered by Eric Castillo. This song was written as an experiment in creativity. After playing over 150 shows in 2015, the band was between seasonal tours and close to burnt out with little time for individual writing. So we took a gamble and dedicated a rehearsal time to write an entire song. This has had mixed results in the past for many bands. It could be groundbreaking and amazing (King Crimson) or on the flip side, not so groundbreaking or amazing (cough cough… ‘St. Anger‘). We were hoping for somewhere in the middle. The song is sans effects and looping. The simplicity was intended and mixed with a live setting in mind. The call and answer of the verses juxtaposed with the heavy back beat choruses allowed us to firmly dig into the groove without bells and whistles. It turned out to be a fine representation of our raw sound.

Shortly after their formation, the band were quickly adopted into the Music Under New York program, a busking organization granted permission by the city of New York and the MTA to perform in the major subway systems that connect the 5 boroughs. Since then, You Bred Raptors? have played over 800 subway shows alone, toured all over the USA and Canada (playing close to 40 cities since 2015) and celebrated their 1000th show this year. They have residencies across three boroughs and perform as a house band to the wildly successful Off-Broadway production, Sleep No More.

Founded by Peat Rains in 2010, YBR? feature 8-string bass, cello, glockenspiel and drums. An all-instrumental orchestration, the ensemble curates a unique sound that caters to audiences ranging from film-makers, circus performers, prog/metal/rock/classical music fans to thousands of passerbys in the subway stations. Metro News declares, “Different” is one word to describe it. The closest comparison to their atmospheric instrumentation may be Bear McCreary’s moody soundtrack to “Battlestar Galactica” — the songs feel epic and very personal at the same time.” Recently, the band have lent their talents to performances with Yoko Ono at her One Woman Show at the Museum of Modern Art, performed and spoken at an official TED Talk, commissioned to be the house band for ADULT SWIM at Comic Con and provided soundtrack/scoring for TROMA Pictures. They have played alongside Spoon, Consider the Source, Big Something, Stu Hamm, I Fight Dragons, The Protomen, Bear McCreary (composer for The Walking Dead) and Steve Jones (Sex Pistols).

Already praised by Good Day New York, WNYC Radio, The Economist, The Atlantic Magazine, Strings Magazine and Bass Guitar Magazine, among other media outlets, You Bred Raptors? are continuing to catch the eyes and ears of music tastemakers across the country. The are gearing up for an extensive US tour starting in May, leading up to the release of International Genetics. Stay tuned for more, as You Bred Raptors? serve up more “beautiful, strange, and challenging music that makes people stop, look, and listen long enough to get hooked on their prehistoric pop grooves.” (Breakthru Radio)

You Bred Raptors? - Hyperbole

Photos by Thomas Lee

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