Wilson Sunday: Porcupine Tree Plays “The Sky Moves Sideways” in Canterbury, 25.05.1996.

Wilson Sunday focuses and explores the work of progressive rock guru Steven Wilson.

The year is 1996, and Porcupine Tree hit the road that May playing several shows around UK. One of their stops was Canterbury’s (Kent) Penny Theatre where they played set comprised of 11 songs. The band used to start their shows with The Sky Moves Sideways mostly, and below you can hear the performance of the song from the mentioned gig. The band’s line-up at the time included Steven Wilson on guitar and vocals, Richard Barbieri on keyboards and synths, Colin Edwin on bass and Chris Maitland on drums.

Their setlist was comprised from the numbers taken from Signify (which was released in September that year), 1995′s The Sky Moves Sideways, 1992′s Up the Downstair, the same year’s On the Sunday of Life, but the band also performed Voyage 34 segments which were officially released in 2000 as Voyage 34: The Complete Trip.

The tracklist from the mentioned concert at Canterbury’s Penny Theatre was:

01. Idiot Player
02. The Sky Moves Sideways
03. Waiting
04. The Nostalgia Factory
05. Moonloop
06. Dislocated Day
07. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder
08. Always Never
09. Radioactive Toy
10. Voyage 34
11. Linton Samuel Dawson

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  1. doug marcus

    April 20, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    my fave ptree era….thanks for the listen

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