Wilson Sunday: Wilson Plays “Shesmovedon” in Tel Aviv, 24.01.2003.

Wilson Sunday focuses and explores the work of progressive rock guru Steven Wilson.

Steven Wilson performed in Tel Aviv’s Jah-Pan Club on January 24th, 2003. This gig was an unplugged set with Steven playing Porcupine Tree material. The exception was made with Feel So Low, where Wilson was joined by his (then) Blackfield bandmate Aviv Geffen.

Wilson played seventeen songs that night, but besides the exceptional performance he also gave lots of funny and interesting commentaries. One of these preceded his performance of Shesmovedon, after someone requested Wilson plays his favorite song. Wilson went on explaining that he is not a guitar player, but rather a songwriter and that he “can’t play Stairway to Heaven.” Also we learn that his favorite song is God Only Knows by The Beach Boys.

The tracklist from this performance was as follows:

01. Even Less
02. A Small Kid
03. Small Fish
04. Fadeaway
05. Gravity Eyelids
06. Where We Would Be
07. Shesmovedon
08. Trains
09. Nine Cats
10. 10 Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It’s Recycled
11. Pure Narcotic
12. Disappear
13. Blackest Eyes
14. Feel So Low (w/ Aviv Geffen)
15. Buying New Soul
16. Waiting (Phase One)
17. Stars Die

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