TOSIN ABASI on Issues With 8-String Guitar

TOSIN ABASI on Issues With 8-String Guitar

Animals as LeadersTosin Abasi talked recently with Total Guitar, and in the interview he spoke about the issues he has with 8-string guitars.

One of the issues I find with eight-strings is scale length. The best solution I’ve found is a compound scale – basically fan-fretting the guitar.

This means I have a shorter scale in the treble – retaining the tension of a six-string guitar – but it’s longer in the bass strings, so they have the tension needed for clarity.

It’s great, because dimensionally the neck is shorter, but you still have the benefits of a longer scale.”

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  1. Indie

    March 25, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    He dresses so progressively and differently. He’s like an alien race deity.

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