Prog Sphere’s Top 40 Albums of 2017

Best Albums of 2017 by Prog Sphere
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At the first glance, tumultuous 2017 may not look like the year that’s given a lot of extraordinary releases like it was the case in the previous years. With 2017 almost over, there has been a ton of great new music to keep us going.

We have come up with 40 albums that evolve around the progressive, experimental, alternative and technical genres, and though we are well aware that we omitted many other releases, this is what 2017 has been all about.

40. End of Green – Void Estate (Napalm Records)

End of Green have been around for 25 years, and in 2017 the German band returned with their ninth opus Void Estate, which feels as the band’s most mature work. The group evolved their music and sound to a next level while still being 100% true to themselves.

39. Killer Cortez - Maquiladora (self-released)

Maquiladora is moving. What this album has is a tangible atmosphere of bittersweet nostalgia that seems to sum up the band’s tendency. At its best the album conjures powerful and, more importantly, genuine feelings of sadness, reminiscence, nostalgia, take your pick. Maquiladora feels as an epic soundtrack for daydreams, reminiscent and introspective.

38. Arch Echo - Arch Echo (self-released)

Arch Echo‘s self-titled debut album isa piece of gold that should cement the group’s reputation as one of the best instrumental prog metal groups out there today. Easily one of the best newcoming releases of 2017.

37. Darkest Hour - Godless Prophets and the Migrant Flora (Southern Lord)

With their ninth studio album, Darkest Hour has expanded their sonic palette by bringing new influences into the game. Godless Prophets… is a result of years and experience; it was just the matter of time when the Washington D.C.-based band will drop such release, and luckily for everyone it happened this year.

36. Fifth Density – Dominion of the Sun (self-released)

Fifth Density’s sophomore album is a very effective, powerful and tasty album comprised of great vocals arrangements, intricate guitar work and strong structure. It goes to the category of “must listen to” albums released in 2017.

35. Decapitated - Anticult (Nuclear Blast)

Anticult is not an epochal achievement, but it’s a good retrospective of what’s been done so far in the subgenre of technical death metal and as such, it deserves to be heard.

34. Eva Can’t - Gravatum (My Kingdom Music)

Gravatum is Eva Can’t‘s fourth full-length album, and is  a mixture of dramatic and theatrical music surrounded by melancholic atmospheres created by cerebral riffs, haunting and evocative melodies with a continuous alternation of contrasting feelings and moods.

33. Nostoc - Ævum (self-released)

The debut album from this Costa Rican technical death metal group comes with excellent, consistent songwriting. On top of the album feeling a bit too long for its own good, the album’s structure is in a state of greatness.

32. Wobbler – From Silence to Somewhere (Karisma Records)

Although I was first turned off by the derivative feel of this album, the lack of originality doesn’t stop this from being a powerful, memorable, and deep release.

31. The Hirsch Effekt - Eskapist (Long Branch Records)

Eskapist is just another fantastic release from an equally fantastic and consistent band. Not only do The Hirsch Effekt perfect upon elements of their previous album Holon : Agnosie (and the Holon trilogy overall), but they also incorporate new elements which makes Eskapist their most expansive release.

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