Top 30 Progressive Metal Albums of 2010s So Far by Prog Sphere

Top 30 Progressive Metal Albums of 2010s So Far by Prog Sphere
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Not so long ago we posted our choice of top 50 progressive metal albums of the 2000′s, and in this post we highlight best 30 progressive metal albums released in the second decade of the new century so far.

Let us know what are your favorites in the comments below.

Top 30 Progressive Metal Albums of 2010s So Far


Leprous – Bilateral (2011)

Although it’s known in which subgenres Leprous dwells, Bilateral makes you think that it’s unleashed all genre chains. Saying that, a conclusion comes to my mind – Bilateral is a surprising recording on its own. Different from song to song, it’s able to break all your expectations. Speaking of the surprising factor, maybe it would be dazzling for you to know that the album employs even a trumpet. Yes, that’s right! Just listen to Thorn and you will hear this instrument and probably recall Miles Davis while Ihsahn provides his identified scream.

Haken – The Mountain (2013)

Having been a fan of this band since the debut, it’s remarkably satisfying to hear Haken having come so far from their roots. Aquarius may have wowed me at the time, but with The Mountain, I’m truly sold on their sound. Solid arguments could be made for each of Haken’s three albums as to which one is the ‘best’, but one thing is for sure: The Mountain brings to the table what the other two sorely missed; a sense of standalone identity. At this point, Haken are rivalled only by Norway’s Leprous as the brightest stars of modern progressive metal. Haken haven’t yet achieved progressive metal perfection with The Mountain, but their dedication to constant self-improvement and exploration means it can’t be far away.

Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence (2012)

Though not the greatest release by BTBAM, The Parallax II is definitely an album that show the impressive instrumentation from the band members, but more importantly it shows that their creative chemistry is nothing less amazing.

Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odini (2010)

To a newcomer, ‘Axioma Ethica Odini’ is best described as a melting pot of technical black metal and classic progressive rock. Comparisons to metal frontrunners Opeth are inevitable here; Enslaved takes the progressive landscape and polarizes it with heavy, complex metal sections and lighter atmospheric passages. While Enslaved may not hold a monopoly on the dark/light dynamic in the metal world, they certainly paint it with their unique sense of style.While black metal was typically very rough and primal in it’s inception, Enslaved sees the genre to new heights. Among the blastbeats and near-inhuman growls are sounds that may seem alien to the black metal style; a wide array of keyboard sounds, varied guitar work and the warm, clean tone of vocalist Herbrand Larson’s voice all play big roles in the music.

Kayo Dot – Hubardo (2013)

It’s uncompromising, rich, and for my money, it’s an instant classic. I have long considered “Choirs of the Eye” to be one of my favourite albums ever, and a month into experiencing “Hubardo”, I have to say that this one trumps their debut by a noticeable margin. Always pushing the envelope forward, it’s my hope that this album gives Kayo Dot the exposure and attention they deserve. Even from the length alone, it’s not an album that all prospective listeners will have time for, but I don’t think I’ve heard an album this year that has created such an awe in me; only the new Gorguts and The Ruins of Beverast albums have even dared to compete. “Hubardo” is the sort of album that only comes around once in a while, and I won’t even try to predict where the band goes next from here. Total mastery.

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  1. ziter

    June 9, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    Pretty good list.
    But… where’s Nine?? That album is simply awesome!

  2. Sacul

    June 9, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    While I absolutely love Weather Systems, it isn’t metal at all – I don’t know what it is doing on this list.

  3. Michael Stallings

    June 10, 2014 at 3:55 am

    OK…Steven Wilson, Pineapple Thief…not metal, but still…

  4. Errolin

    June 11, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    I recommend listening to Tempel’s debut album “On The Steps Of The Temple” and adding it this list!

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