Top 11 GENTLE GIANT Songs by Prog Sphere

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This past April Fools Day we, inspired by a post from MoonJune Records’ Leonardo Pavkovic, spreaded news about Gentle Giant‘s 2014 reunion and there were all kind of comments you can imagine: from life-threatening to I-wish-it-was-true.

Recently, I pretty much paraded through the Gentle Giant‘s opus and it inspired me to choose eleven songs off their eleven studio albums that in some way or another had a great impact in shaping progressive rock. The following eleven songs are in my humble opinion a good example of their highly influential catalog. For more of their magic work, I highly recommend listening to all of their music – you will definitely do right.

So, here it is – Top 11 GENTLE GIANT Songs.

Giant (Gentle Giant, 1970)

This is the opening song from the band’s self-titled debut album released in 1970, and it’s an obvious choice to start with – it’s Led Zeppelin‘s Good Times, Bad Times, that  kind of a song. The song that literally traced the way for everything what came next, and as it is, it presents a bold statement.

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