STEVEN WILSON Talks About Taking Pop Approach on “To The Bone”

STEVEN WILSON Talks Change of Direction

Steven Wilson has been a lot in the press in the last few months due to the release of his fifth highly anticipated solo record To the Bone, which was put out on August 18th via Caroline International.

As was expected, Wilson has once again took an unexpected turn and did a record which in a way pays tribute to pop records that he enjoyed during the ’80s. In a recent interview for Ultimate Guitar, Steven discussed about this somewhat risky approach, but his vision as an artists (and not a performer) is what drives him towards challenges.

“I tried to make the song very much the center of this record. Some of the more conceptual rock elements haven’t been taken away completely but certainly put to one side slightly and the emphasis here is very much on melody on songwriting.

“In some ways a more kind of simplicity has more presence in the songs. But I don’t want to give the impression this album is basic in terms of the production and the way the songs are arranged. There’s still as much complexity as there’s ever been.

“There is nothing more challenging than writing the perfect three-minute rock song. I find that the hardest thing of all.

“Firstly you have to acknowledge to yourself if you’re going to work in that particular medium that you are competing with millions if not billions of other songs that have been written in the same style.

“So you’re trying to find a way to approach the idea of a very well tried and tested form and find a way of doing it that is unique and has a precedent to it that’s it special to you.

“I’ve been experimenting a lot with form on this record. A lot of the songs are unconventional in the way they unfold but some of them are not. Some of them are in the traditional pop form and those were without a doubt the hardest ones to write or to get right or to at least make convincing.”

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