STEVEN WILSON: “I’ve Always Been More Interested in Musicians That Serve the song”

STEVEN WILSON Shares Video for "Pariah"

Steven Wilson talked about recording the vast majority of guitar tracks on his latest album To the Bone, explaining to Innerviews:

I think it was a natural consequence of the decision to make a more song-based record.

The one thing I felt strongly when it came to solos on this album is I wanted them to be an extension of the vocal melodies.

When you bring in a superstar guitarist like Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster or David Kollar and say, ‘You have 32 bars to do your thing,’ they see that as an opportunity to make their mark. They want to show what they can do.

That’s completely understandable, of course. But that’s not what I wanted on this record. So, even though I’m not the greatest guitar player, I do have a strong personality on the instrument. I think it’s a recognizable sound.

It’s an organic approach. I’m not showing off. I’ve always been more attached to people like David Gilmour than shredders.

I’ve always been more interested in musicians that serve the song. This doesn’t just apply to guitar. It also applies to the bass playing and keyboard work I did. I knew what was required for the songs and felt I could play those parts myself.

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