STEVEN WILSON: “DAVID GILMOUR Has the Greatest Tone and the Greatest Feel”

What to Expect from STEVEN WILSON's "To the Bone" Album

Steven Wilson has recently spoke for Ultimate Guitar about his favorite guitar gear, but he was also asked to name a guitarist who he would like to take one guitar lesson.

Wilson responded:

There’s a guitar player in history who’s closest to my heart because he’s got everything I like in a guitar player: he always plays in the service of the song; it’s not about showmanship; and he always can play one note that will completely break your heart and it’s not about technique.

For me he’s still the greatest when it comes to that and that’s Gilmour. He doesn’t play fast and he could play fast but it’s never been about technique. He has the greatest tone and the greatest feel and he can just break your heart with one or two notes.

I don’t even know if you can teach that. It’s kind of something in your soul in a way. In a way, I hope I have a little bit of that myself anyway.

I’d love to sit down with Robert [Fripp] and get inside his head because he has a very unique approach to the guitar. Also Adrian Belew, his ex-bandmate in Crimson. Those two guys have very unique approaches to the guitar and I’d love to sit opposite them and pick their brains.

 Asked to name a band he could play just one show with, Steven said:

There’s a couple of bands I’ve seen over the last 20 years and I just thought to myself when I was watching them, ‘Man, it must be so much fun to be in this band.’

One of them is Sunn O))). They’re a drone metal band and they play these extended pieces at incredibly slow tempos and the heaviest guitar sounds you’ve ever heard. Imagine a band playing Black Sabbath riffs at half-speed and at incredible volume. No drums and just guitar and bass. I think I would probably want to join Sunn O))).

Steven Wilson’s fifth album To the Bone is out now; order it from here.

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