Slot Wagering Requirements Explained And Calculated

It is a funny thing you know, looking back on the history of slots, because they came from such simple origins, and can now be some of the most complex things in the modern world to understand. Of course, you won’t catch many gambling fans complaining about this, because alongside the increased complexity of slots has also come a much bigger chance of winning big, as well as simply a lot more excitement when actually playing. Because let’s face it, as fascinating as Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell machine must have been back at the tail end of the 19th Century, if the slot industry didn’t continue to innovate it certainly wouldn’t be nearly as big as it is today, and that’s a fact. Nowadays slots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, whilst also being available on this thing we like to call the Internet. Things have certainly changed, but is this evolution purely a positive thing?

Obviously the vast majority of changes in the slots market have been greeted in an incredibly positive fashion, especially in relation to the outrageously exciting world of online slots, something that has attracted millions of new reel spinners to the cause. However, it is not all rosy. As the industry has expanded, so too has the amount of revenue coming through, something that in turn attracts far more online casino sites to try their hand at scooping some of the seemingly endless revenue – click to find demo slots. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing, in fact a lot of the time it can serve to give you even more choices. But here’s the thing: many of these sites are actually quite greedy, and whilst they offer some great deposit bonuses when you first sign up, you might find that you run into some complications when trying to actually withdraw your winnings. You don’t want that now, do you? So read ahead for our guide on slot wagering requirements explained and calculated.

What Is A Slot Wager Requirement?

First things first, many people, especially complete slot novices, will be asking the question: what exactly is a slot wager requirement? Well, lucky enough we are on hand to help, as this is one of the least talked about parts of playing online slots in 2019, and thus needs to be elaborated on. So, a wager, as most of you will know, is basically another word for the amount your betting on any casino game, be it the slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Craps… you name it! You may also find that this is also commonly referred to as a stake – there are plenty of words to designate it, but ultimately they all mean the same thing.

Now, a slow wager requirement comes into play whenever you are gambling on an online casino site, and specifically when you have made use of some of the tantalizingly good casino offers that are available these days. These offers are obviously very tempting, especially when they offer things like £200 cash back and 50 free spins, for example, and for this reason many people jump straight in without even thinking about the small print involved. Big mistake, because in the majority of cases this small print actually binds you to spending a certain amount before you can withdraw any winnings, and this is exactly where slot wager requirements come in.

In many cases the slot wager requirement will also stop you from claiming your bonus money and free spins if you do not match the criteria too, so this is really something to be aware of. In simple terms the way to get around this is to make sure you have wagered enough whilst spinning the reels of your favourite online slot, subsequently you will have no trouble claiming any bonus money or winnings. Sounds simple, right? The problem is it can often be rather difficult to actually calculate how much you’re going to have to bet. Never fear though, we are on hand to help…

How Do I Work Out The Slot Wager Requirement?

You would be forgiven for feeling as though this has all got a little too confusing, but luckily enough the way one can calculate this slot wager requirements is actually fairly simple. Of course, you must have a fairly adequate understanding of simple mathematics to do so, but it shouldn’t be any problem really, as playing online slots themselves requires at least a little bit of mathematical knowhow anyway.

So, slot wager requirements work like this: they are usually given as a multiplier, much like you will find in online slot bonuses. Let’s imagine that you find an online casino site willing to give you a £100 bonus for instance, and the wagering requirement is 4x. All you have to do is multiply the bonus (£100) by the requirement (4x), and you will find the amount you will have to wager in order to actually claim the bonus (£400). Simple!

Why Do Slot Wager Requirements Exist?

It is easy to see slot wager requirements as some kind of malignant ploy by online casino sites to fleece you of your hard earned cash, and whilst it always pays to be wary of these sites, the main reason actually isn’t malicious at all. In fact, online casino sites are obliged by law to include slot wager requirements, because if they didn’t criminals would have an absolute field day laundering their dirty money.

Just think about it: without the slot wager requirement a criminal could deposit their money on an online casino site, and then withdraw it straight after, effectively “cleaning” their money.

Tips & Tricks In Relation To Slot Wager Requirements

No matter how legitimate the reasoning behind slot wagering requirements, they are still rather annoying for savvy gamblers trying to cut their costs wherever possible. Luckily for these people there are some things you can do to “beat” the slot wager requirements. One of the best things to do, for example, is to do an ample amount of research, as there are some pretty good offers out there if you have a look.

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