SITHU AYE Releases New Song “Anime as Leaders (The Woven Weeab)”

Sithu Aye

Guitarist Sithu Aye premiered a new song titled “Anime as Leaders (The Woven Weeab).” Listen to it below.

The track comes from his upcoming EP Senpai II: The Noticing, out on May 8th.

Sithu commented: ”Don’t let your memes be dreams. The sequel to the EP nobody asked for is coming.

In May 2016, Aye released a full-length album Set Course for Andromeda. The Glasgow based musician will join Haken for the upcoming North American tour which takes place in August and September. Check the poster below for dates. 

All Sithu Aye‘s previous releases are available from Bandcamp.

Haken + Sithu Aye tour

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