Rumor: “RUSH is Not Finished, New Music to Be Released” Says Lifeson

Rumor: "RUSH is Not Finished, New Music to Be Released" Says Lifeson

Rush is a Band writes that Rush‘s guitarist Alex Lifeson was interviewed by Sirius XM prior to the 2017 Rock Hall induction ceremony.

According to a fan who was able to tune in to the interview, it’s said that Lifeson mostly spoke about Yes and their induction, but he also mentioned that “he no longer feels constrained by the album format, and felt that he could release smaller numbers of songs whenever he was ready to, although he didn’t give any details on what or when or with whom.

He went on to say that he and Geddy would definitely be writing and working together in the near future, but didn’t give any specifics on that either.

When Alex was asked what Neil Peart was up to he just said, ‘I haven’t heard from Neil in quite a while.’

On a positive note, he emphatically stated that Rush as an entity is not finished and that ‘we will be doing things together again,’ but again – no timetable or specifics.

The interview is available for subscribers on the Sirius XM app in the OnDemand section for about seven days. It’s on the Volume channel, show title Debatable (thanks Bluesaloon).

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