ROGER WATERS: North America Tour Report

ROGER WATERS: North America Tour Report

Although he may be 74 years old, there is no denying Roger Waters’ ability to deliver an incendiary and thought-provoking live show.

The ex-Pink Floyd star has been criss-crossing the North American continent with his Us + Them tour since May, and with a handful of dates in Canada left, it seems that Waters wants to go out with a bang.

recent review of his show in Toronto revealed that Waters was keen to use the stage to provide plenty of political commentary.

With an excellent selection of Pink Floyd classics like “Dogs” and “Welcome to the Machine,” it gave Waters the perfect opportunity to blast the Trump administration with some perfectly crafted satirical music and some less-than-subtle comments from Waters himself.

Whilst there will be some in the audience who might have wanted less political commentary, and more from the star’s Is This the Life We Really Want album, it’s reassuring to find that Waters has lost none of his willingness to provoke.

In fact, the five month North American tour has given Roger Waters the perfect opportunity to show how relevant the music and lyrics of Pink Floyd are in the 21st century.

look of his performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles shows how Waters used giant projections of Donald Trump and his bankrupt Taj Mahal casino that seemed to be tailor-made for a visual accompaniment to the Pink Floyd classic, “Money.”

Such is the success of Waters’ touring exploits, that several of Las Vegas’ casino owners have reportedly made lucrative offers to encourage him to stage The Wall as a semi-permanent destination show in the desert city.

Whether these offers from the casinos have been made in order to counter the growing competition of online gaming sites like Lucky Nugget Casino, or whether they really just want to expand the diversity of Las Vegas’ attractions is anybody’s guess, but it shows just how bankable Roger Waters has become.

This is all the more remarkable since David Gilmour wrapped up a hugely successful North American tour last year, and Pink Floyd fans would have been fascinated to see how his former band-member could compete.

But with more Canadian dates in Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver later this month, it looks like Waters has plenty more opportunities to spread his message and music before the Us + Them tour comes to Europe in spring and summer 2018.

Cover photo: Wikimedia

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