Watch ROGER WATERS’ Dress Rehearsal for Upcoming Tour

Ahead of the upcoming North American tour, billed as Us + Them, Roger Waters had performed a full show at a dress rehearsal in New Jersey on May 21st at the Meadowlands Arena. A fan video of the performance can be seen below.

At the show, Waters has also debuted a new production which will be a part of the upcoming tour which officially kicks off on May 26th in Kansas City.

During the rehearsal, Waters lambasted President Donald Trump.

The Pink Floyd co-founder showed doctored images of the president in bright, Warhol-like colors depicting him with lipstick, with breasts, with a Klan hood, without pants (showing a tiny penis), with his head on a pig and with the word “charade” (referencing a lyric in the song) written over his face, during his performance of his former band’s “Pigs (Three Different Ones).”

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