RICK WAKEMAN on ARW Album: “We’re Doing Well”

RICK WAKEMAN on ARW Album: "We're Doing Well"

Following the Yes‘ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, keyboardist Rick Wakeman talked with Rolling Stone.

Asked about the planned studio album with ARW, Wakeman commented:

Oh, we’re doing well. We’ve got three pieces that are well down the line that we’re really pleased with and which we’re working on. Hopefully by summer we should have them there. But we’re not going to rush – we want them to be as good as we possibly can make them. That’s the crucial thing.

Following the induction ceremony, ARW has officially changed name to Yes Featuring ARW. Singer Jon Anderson explained:

It’s very simple. The fans want it, we want it and it’s our right to use the name. Yes music is in our DNA!”

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