2 PORCUPINE TREE Covers: “Lazarus” & “Blackest Eyes” in Different Moods


We wrote about Porcupine Tree today, but that doesn’t stop us from doing another post on the band. This time, it’s not that Steven Wilson & Co. are involved, but some very talented musicians.

I am not sure where from the band The Hippycrites comes from, but they seem to be big fans of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson. They recently did a cover of “Lazarus”, taken from Porcupine Tree‘s album Deadwing. Their cover of the song is somewhat unique, as it includes ukuleles. In the clip, which can be seen below, the band also included a footage from their trip to India, where Steven Wilson performed with his solo band few months ago.

Federica Putti from Italy has covered “Blackest Eyes” from In Absentia, and although her cover doesn’t include any “exotic” instruments, she does very good job, especially in the vocal department. See for yourself.

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