PINK FLOYD’s “Breathe” Featured in TV Show “Legion”

Pink Floyd - Legion

I’m not quite sure what this TV show, Legion, is all about, but it’s always great when some good music gets appreciation from the world of the seventh art.

Pink Floyd‘s hit “Breathe,” from the band’s seminal album Dark Side of the Moon, is featured in the show’s season finale, its eight episode. Sean T. Collins from New Yor Times writes: “[And] given the propensity of ‘Legion‘ to make subtext text, I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised that the show would use this jaw-droppingly literal music cue for a pivotal scene in its season finale.”

Beside “Breathe,” “On the Run” from the same album is also featured in the show; you can see the scene below.

The connection between the show and Pink Floyd doesn’t stop with these two songs being included in the official soundtrack. One of the characters of the show, portrayed by Rachel Keller, is called Syd Barrett.

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