Premiere: NOISECIDE Launch Music Video for DEPECHE MODE Cover “Enjoy the Silence”

Premiere: NOISECIDE Launch Music Video for DEPECHE MODE Cover “Enjoy the Silence”

Industrial metal outfit NOISECIDE are premiering a music video for a cover of Depeche Mode’s hit “Enjoy the Silence.” Watch it below.

Guitarist and singer Danicide stated: “‘Enjoy the Silence’ is one of our biggest influences and one of the reason we founded this band, and it’s the song’s 30th anniversary. We really like the way the melody develops along with the chord progression and what it transmits. The verse and chorus are so catchy and very nostalgic for us. Also, the meaning of the lyrics is great, simple but concise; sometimes words are not necessary and our interpretation of the title ‘Enjoy the Silence’ means that we should or learn how to enjoy the peace, try to be peaceful persons. The lyrics itself resume what could happen in a relation ship, that sometimes we said promises that we are not going to keep, so it transmits love over fight in our opinion, sometimes arguing is pointless.

About the challenges NOISECIDE faced when working on arranging the piece, the band says: “We think it was finding the right balance between the intro and the rest of the song, so we wanted it to be melodic yet powerful. Then we thought it was missing something, so Pamcide (Poison Lady, the bass player) suggest if would be cool to add a guitar solo, and yeah, it was like magic. Danicide started to play some notes and the solo came out of nowhere, it was a magic moment of total inspiration and it fit so nicely and we kept it. Then we added the synths to give it like a modern synthpop sound influence, and yeah, we wanted to sound a little gothic as well and we tried some choirs sounds. Danicide decided to add some harmonies and robotic voice sound to that part, so it would sound more epic, so the whole process took like 16 hours but we ended up happy with the final result.

NOISECIDE plans on releasing more covers as well as original music in the near feature.

We want to keep releasing new music (originals and some cover versions) and videos, release our first LP and play local and international shows this year, expand our audience. We also like to record and document all our live shows (audio and video) so we will be releasing some live shows videos as well soon, do Instagram live rehearsals where you can join every Monday at 7:30pm to 9:00pm (GMT-3). To resume the main goal is to keep doing what we love to do and we hope people enjoy it as well.

Watch a video for “Enjoy the Silence” below. The cover is also available on Soundcloud. For more music visit Noisecide on Bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook.

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