MIKE PORTNOY Has New Prog Metal Supergroup

MIKE PORTNOY Has New Prog Metal Supergroup

Mike Portnoy is currently in the studio working on an album with what he called a new prog metal supergroup.

Drummer issued an update via his official Facebook page saying:

Hmmmm….what have we here??
I’m in LA recording an album with something NEW…
Sorry, this is all you’re gonna get outta me on this for a while…More will be revealed at a later date…stay tuned!
#ProgMetalSupergroup Coming soon…

Portnoy recently performed with his live project Shattered Fortress at the Cruise to the Edge festival. The set included Dream Theater‘s “12 Step Suite,” which he co-wrote during his tenure with the band. Shattered Fortress also performed the Liquid Tension Experiment material. According to Mike it’s unlikely that Shattered Fortress will release any live material, but could this recent update mean that this new supergroup includes members of Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress remains to be seen.

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