MIKE OLDFIELD: “There’s Nothing Special About Today’s Music”

MIKE OLDFIELD: "There's Nothing Special About Today's Music"

Mike Oldfield talked about the current state of music, telling Music Radar:

When all the synths and sequencers started coming out in the ’80s, it was all very exciting and I thought it would lead somewhere.

Where it’s led is that we’ve now got artificial intelligence music – you’re simply pushing a combination of buttons.

You can create perfect music, but it all sounds the same. I can tell when a computer has made something perfect and it really turns me off.

The music we have now, it’s good, but it’s like you’ve taken all the food that was ever consumed in the world and condensed it into this porridge that everybody eats.

There’s nothing special about it.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but things have got to have flaws. That’s why I left a lot of the imperfections in [new record] ‘Return to Ommadawn.’ There’s bits where I missed a note, or it’s a bit out of time or tune. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the music has power, soul and spirit. It’s alive.

During the rest of the chat, Oldfield talked about his 26th album Return to Ommadawn, released this June, explaining how the unexpected death of his son Dougal – who collapsed and died at work in London at age 33 back in 2015 – impacted his work, saying:

It’s the age-old story. Out of suffering comes beauty.

It seems that somebody who’s content with life isn’t able to produce enough emotional power. It has to be something that really makes your hair stand on end.

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