Microsoft 70-463 Certification Exam – What Should You Study to Get Certified?

Microsoft 70-463 is a certification exam for the Implementing a data warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server. This exam is one of the stepping stones (alongside with 70-462 and 70-461exams) for the people who want to become ETL and data warehouse developers and get a complete MCSA certification. Most of the big companies need their employees to have this certification.

Microsoft 70-463 exam is a toughtest that can be only passed with a lot of effort and dedication. If you are someone who wants to pass Microsoft 70-463 exam and get certified, this article is for you.

Microsoft 70-463 Exam in a Nutshell

Microsoft 70-463 exam is a test for IT Professionals that checkstheir capability of implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This is one of the most important certifications for an IT professional. Here is everything you need to know about Microsoft 70-463 exam.

  • Exam Pattern

If you have given any Microsoft exams earlier, the pattern for Microsoft 70-463 test is similar to them. The students are given 40-60 questions that they have to solve within 2 hours. The exact number of questions are not available as Microsoft keeps changing the pattern and the number of questions given in one exam can be different from the other. The passing score is 700 points which are 70% from an overall test.

  • Types of Questions

The types of questions given on the test are case Study, Multiple Response, Multiple Choice, Active Screen, Build List, Best Answer, Drag and Drop, Repeat Answer Choice, Mark Review, Review Screen, and Hot Area. It is not necessary that all these question types will be asked on the test. The exam can be taken in 8 different languages, as per your requirement.

  • What Should You Know?

To pass this exam you should have a solid knowledge ofData Cleaning, Data Warehouse Implementation,and Extract Transform Load. This certificate is the best for the people who have already worked as IT professionals for about a year and have some hands-on experience on this subject.

  • Eligibility

There are requirements to pass this test as it is usually taken by IT professionals. You should be 18 years or older to sit for this exam.

  • Fee and Validity

The applicants have to pay a one-time fee of $165 to schedule the exam. The applicants can change the schedule or ask for a fee refund up to 24 hours before the exam. However, they will have to pay a certain penalty. The certificate is valid for a lifetime.

What to Study?

The syllabus for Microsoft 70-463 exam consists of 5 major components that are divided into smaller parts. The entire syllabus is available on the official websiteand can be easily found. Once you have gone through the entire syllabus, it is time to start collecting the study material for preparation. The following types of study material are the most important:

  • Books

Most of the books you need for Microsoft 70-463 exam are available on Microsoft official page. Some books can be download for free and the others can be bought. Some of the books are available in PDF.

  • Exam Prep Videos

Preparation videos can be accessed on the Microsoft website and also at other places such as YouTube. These videos are free but they will help you in getting a better understanding of the subject.

  • Practice Tests

Buy or download free practice tests and make a habit of solving them regularly. Practice tests are the best way for you to understand the mechanism of the exam. This will also help you in devising a strategy for the upcoming exam.

  • Relatable blogs and articles

Even though you can gain all the knowledge from books, you should keep yourself updated. Read relatable blogs and articles from some of the famous bloggers.

How to Study?

After you have collected all the study material from various places, it’s time to make a study schedule. You should make a schedule that suits you the best and that you can follow for a long time. It’s never good to have high expectations. Start small and make sure you start your preparation well in advance. Some of the places that you can use for preparationto Microsoft 70-463 exam are:

  • Online classes

Online classes are the best for people who can spend some money on their preparation but do not have a lot of time. In these online classes, you can access the videolectures and all the study materials that you can use at a convenient time and study accordingly. You can also get practice tests that will be extremely helpful for your preparation.

  • Instructor-led training

If you have some time that you can give for your preparation, you can opt for the instructor-led training. In thiscase, you will be learning from a professional who can teach you all about Microsoft 70-463 exam and all the topics covered in it.

  • Communities and Study Groups

You can also join some communities or study groups that can help you with your preparation. Here you will find the other people who are studying for the same exam and you can ask them for help and guidance. You can also share your viewsand join the discussions. This is the best form of preparation.

  • Self-Study

The last solution is self-study. As we have discussed, you can get books and practice papers from Microsoft website. You can use valid 70-463 exam dumps during your preparation, among the most reliably are AioTestking, Exam-Labs, PrepAway, find any that suits your needs. You can download all the study materials and start preparing at your own pace. Once you are done preparing, you can schedule your exam and sit for it at your own time.


Microsoft 70-463 exam can surely land you high paying jobs. However, this is only possible when you develop a good preparation strategy and stick to it. If you keep all the above-given points in mind, you will surely score a high percentage in your Microsoft 70-463 exam.

Note that you should stay away from illegitimate websites selling study materials. These websites can be a scam and you might end up losing your money for nothing. Learn from trusted sources and ace your exam.

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