MESHUGGAH Covered on Violin with Dancing Included

Meshuggah cover

The Careless Motion project did something different with Meshuggah‘s music. The project “brings together diverse artists to create common works in an extreme metal universe. Artists from any discipline are welcome to join the collective: musicians, compositors, writers, dancers, photographers, tattooists , painters, sculptors… The aim is to create both visual and musical elements in a collaborative way.

In a video below, you can see and hear a cover of “Lethargica,” where “riffs are played on the electric violin and the lyrics are screamed out by the dancer.

The Careless Motion gave following explanation: “Growing individualism, widening inequality, violence, manipulation, provocation; a killing machine is on its way. This short movie deals with the identity of an individual who is both an actor in, and spectator of the human decline. A contemporary dance, backed by extreme metal music, reflects his reaction in the face of his inevitable falling.

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  1. Golgonath

    February 17, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Jens Kidman’s face said it all… a bit too ambitious for those guys!

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