PERIPHERY: Watch “Prayer Position” Drum Playthrough Video

Matt Halpern

Periphery has recently launched their new album Periphery III: Select Difficulty, which is an absolute masterpiece. While the band is currently on the road touring US together with SiKth, CHON and Toothgrinder, they have launched a new playthrough video via their official YouTube channel. Watch Matt Halpern doing what he does best for the song “Prayer Position” off of the new album.

In an interview for Prog Sphere, guitarist Mark Holcomb told about the new album: “The intent of this album was to be more direct and explosive. ‘Juggernaut‘ was more brooding, patient and more of a build-up. ‘Periphery III‘ opens with blast beats and 2 straight songs with no singing. The objective was definitely to write a more powerful, compact album. All of our albums have always been reactions to the last, and I think writing that album was a very natural reaction to what ‘Juggernaut‘ was.

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