Watch: 11 Year Old LUKE WRIGHT’s Drum Cover of “The Dance of Eternity”

Watch: 11 Year Old LUKE WRIGHT's Drum Cover of "The Dance of Eternity"

Dream Theater is one of the bands that inspire many kids today to start playing instruments. The band’s former drummer Mike Portnoy is an inspiration to 11-year old drummer Luke Wright who did a splendid cover of “The Dance of Eternity.” Watch the video below.

“The Dance of Eternity” is a song from Dream Theater‘s album Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory (1999), and over the years it’s been covered by many drummers. Due to its complexity and many time signature changes (108 in total), “The Dance of Eternity” is often regarded as one of the most complex songs by Dream Theater to date.

Below is a photo of Luke with Mike Portnoy.

Luke with MP

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