JORDAN RUDESS Picks 5 Great Keyboard Albums You Don’t Know

JORDAN RUDESS Picks 5 Great Keyboard Albums You Don't Know

Dream Theater keyboard man Jordan Rudess recently did an interview with Music Aficionado where he was asked to choose 5 underrated keyboard albums that left a long-standing impression on him.

Here is what Rudess picked.

Refugee – Refugee (1974)

“Patrick Moraz teamed up Brian Davidson and Lee Jackson from the Nice. This is the only record they made, and I have to tell you, it’s an amazing keyboard album. It totally changed my course and influenced by direction.

“One of the things that really stuck out at me is the way Patrick played the Minimoog. He had such flair and got some brilliant sounds out of it.”

Trace – Birds (1975)

“Trace was a Dutch progressive band back in the mid-’70s. Their keyboard player was a guy named Rick van der Linden, who unfortunately died a few years ago. Trace only put out a couple of albums, but I really love this one called ‘Birds’ that came out in 1975.”

Jan Hammer – The First Seven Days (1975)

“I played with Jan Hammer for a little while in a band with Tony Williams. It was really thrilling because some of the things we played were from this album. There’s video of us doing it at the Montreal Jazz Festival when I had lots of hair. I was the backup keyboardist for Jan. He only wanted to play the keytar at the time, so I had to stick to the organ.”

John Foxx – Metamatic (1980)

“This is an album that people need to hear because it was the first time that somebody used electronics in a certain kind of way. It was really cutting-edge and had an almost cold, cool vibe to it.”

The Synergy – Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra (1975)

“Larry Fast is a really important keyboard artist. He did a bunch of records in the ’70s under the name the Synergy. This album, ‘Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra,’ is the first in a series. For me, it was another awakening in that it was a whole record done with synthesizers, nothing else.”

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