JOHN PETRUCCI: “Amount of Technical Ability That Kids Have Now is Mind-Blowing”

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Back in December, Ben Weinman of the Dillinger Escape Plan shared a story from their tour with Dream Theater few years ago about John Petrucci getting “angry.” He said: “We played with Dream Theater many, many years ago and I remember one day Petrucci wouldn’t come out of his dressing room because he found some Japanese kid who could play something a couple BPMs faster than him. He was so pissed off he just sat in there practicing like, ‘I gotta beat it!’

Petrucci recently spoke for Metal Wani, and this was brought up during the interview, on what he commented: “[Laughs] I think that kinda happens on a daily basis now. [Laughs]

I don’t know if I locked myself in a hotel room, but I can tell you – the amount of technical ability that kids have now, not only on guitar but other instruments, is just mind-blowing.

When we were younger and wanted to learn a song or a guitar solo, there wasn’t any way to see it unless you went to a show, and even then it kinda went by quickly and maybe you were far away… you had to drop a needle on a record player over and over and try to figure out what the guitar player was doing.

It was really, really, really tricky, but now kids have access to YouTube and the internet. There’s so much instructional material where you can see exactly how someone is doing something.

They can click that up in two seconds… they’re younger and younger, better and better, it’s pretty mind-blowing, pretty wild.

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