DREAM THEATER’s JOHN MYUNG Featured in Ernie Ball’s String Theory [VIDEO]

DREAM THEATER's JOHN MYUNG Featured in Ernie Ball's String Theory [VIDEO]

In a new “String Theory” episode by Ernie Ball, Dream Theater‘s bassist John Myung talks about his influences, Dream Theater, his Ernie Ball strings, and more. Check the video below.

“String Theory” is a web series from Ernie Ball that explores the music of some of most innovative players.

Dream Theater is currently touring Europe on a tour billed as “Images, Words & Beyond,” which marks the 25th anniversary of the band’s seminal album Images & Words. The group also includes “A Change of Seasons” in their setlists, which originally should appear on the mentioned 1992 album. Speaking to Metal Express, Myung addressed it.

Originally, the intent was to have ['A Change of Seasons'] as part of ‘Images & Words,’ part of that record.

But towards the end of the recording process, the record company wasn’t so keen on getting that recorded, I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe it was budgetary, we were running out of time in the studio and extra 20 minutes was probably more than they maybe wanted to invest. Back then, studios were $2,000 a day. [chuckles]

It might have had something to do with wanting to keep the album under an hour, too, to not overload the listener. That was sort of the thinking, I think, behind that decision.

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