JAMES LABRIE on “The Astonishing” Album: “I Think It Polarised Our Fans”

JAMES LABRIE on "The Astonishing" Album: "I Think It Polarised Our Fans"

Dream Theater‘s James LaBrie recently talked for British webzine Rock Sins about the Images and Words album, its 25th anniversary tour which is currently in progress, and the band’s most recent offering, The Astonishing.

Asked about the reception of the latest album and a move to release a double album in 2017, LaBrie commented: “It was a very bold move. [laughs] And a courageous move, especially in today’s musical environment where it’s soundbites and singles and moving from one artist to another in the blink of an eye. I think it made perfect sense for us, truth be known I think it polarised our fans. But that’s where we were at that particular moment in time and the kind of album that we wanted to produce and make. Each and every one of us are exceptionally proud of how the album turned out and what it means to us as a band. The tour was a great tour but we’re moving on, obviously now we’re focusing a bit on the 25th anniversary of Images and Words and then it’s onto talking about and discussing the next album. But that won’t be until 2018 that we’re in a position to consider getting together and writing and getting into the next album, though that being said we are already discussing the situation in terms of what kind of album we would like to consider doing.”

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  1. ArtR

    April 25, 2017 at 3:01 am

    I love “The Astonishing”! Let Dream Theater keep doing whatever their Prog muse tells them. I will listen!

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