“It’s Krautrock, Florian, but not as we know it”


While his contemporaries over the border in West Germany were tripping out and creating all kinds of wonderful weirdness in the 70s, Martin Zeichnete, an East German runner, was using the motorik rhythms of Krautrock as a training aid. He also created his own version in East Berlin, to be used as a training aid by the East German Olympic Team, with the blessing of state security.

The first and last tracks are three-minute warm up and warm down routines, and the middle pieces can be used to set a tempo on training runs.

Or, you could just put your feet up and chill out to it; I know which method of listening I prefer!

An odd tale, and some nice hitherto undiscovered East-Krautrock! Thanks to MOJO mag for alerting me to it.

Originally written for Astounded by Sound

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