Iron Maiden – Flight 666: The Film

Iron Maiden is a band that any competent metalhead can at least respect for their influence and grip on the genre. After being on the scene for three decades, the band has garnered a massive worldwide following. While the genre of ‘heavy metal’ is a style of music thats very rarely represented in the more troubled nations of our planet. With one of the most dedicated fanbases of any band, this film ‘Flight 666′ takes the band (and the viewer, in turn) around the world on one of the most ambitious tours in music history, and the influence of a band uncompromised in the face of a constantly changing world.

The writer and director for this film, Sam Dunn was also the maker of another metal documentary, ‘Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey’ (which is essential viewing for any fans of the music.) Having proved his talent for music journalism in his past work, it was an exciting prospect to see a film of such a nature under his eye.

Travelling around the world, the band obviously visits alot of places, including a vast array of cultures. In each of these different cultures, it was interesting to see how the band is received, even in very exotic locales. Here, Iron Maiden plays for their first time in India, which is also the first heavy metal concert ever held in the nation. Thousands upon thousands of young aspiring metalheads show up for the gig, and the masses line up if only for a peek at their idols. It’s easy to call the band a bonafide phenomenon when there’s such dedication to the group around the world.

The most moving reaction to the band was in South America, particularly Columbia. People camped out for days before the show itself, in order to get a better spot for the show. Military police are called in to govern the teeming crowds. People are brought to tears after watching the concert, having been so moved by their experience.

Despite this almost fanatic appreciation the band receives, the documentary also shows how down to earth the band members are. They like to drink, and a round of golf occasionally. It might be that casual nature that makes them a band that people can really relate to. ‘Flight 666′ sheds light on a band that’s touching lives through their music.

‘Flight 666′ is everything a music documentary should be, put simply.

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