Exclusive: GAIA Launches “Nebulous” Video with “Man vs. Robot” Concept

Exclusive: GAIA Launches “Nebulous” Video with “Man vs. Robot” Concept

Progressive Metalcore project from India, GAIA, formed by young multi-instrumentalist Abhiruk Patowary, is dropping a debut music video for the song “Nebulos” today exclusively via Prog Sphere. The song is a part of the upcoming album entitled Aerial. Watch the video below.

“Nebulous” is a closing song on Aerial. Patowary explains, “I’m releasing it at the end because it has all the components you’d expect in the album; it is a summa summarum of what ‘Aerial’ represents. The day I wrote this track was also the day I started to plan the album.

The video for “Nebulous” was directed by Veil of Maya singer Lukas Magyar at New Industry. Patowary went on saying, “The video is about two people prejudicing a robot by beating him up and then the robot fighting back. ‘Nebulous’ is about a time when robots are capable of being a part of the society but it also has an alternate side of racism.

“Nebulous” features guest contributions from I Built the Sky guitarist Ro Han and Intervals drummer Nathan Bulla, along with vocal performances from Siddharth Nair and David Chunn.

Collaborating with each of these people was amazing since they are the best at what they do. All of them have influenced the direction of the track and have put their best in it.

Watch a video for “Nebulous” below, and follow GAIA on Facebook and Instagram for future announcements.

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