ROGER WATERS Says Yes to “Animals” Inspired Anti-Trump Art Installation in Chicago

Flying Pigs on Parade

An architect from Chicago, Jeffrey Roberts, in his attempt to protest the politics of president Donald Trump, has a solution inspired by Pink Floyd and their album Animals.

Namely, Roberts proposed the four giant, flying, gold-colored helium-filled pigs in November 2016 to block the view of “TRUMP” writing of the Trump Tower. He plans to strategically place the pigs to block the Trump sign from view.

The pigs, Roberts said, were inspired by Pink Floyd’s famous 40-foot helium-filled balloon at Battersea Power Station, which Roger Waters designed for the Animals cover shoot.

Waters holds the rights to the image, and approved Roberts’ project, which also takes inspiration from a number of other sources.

Below is a video of Waters performing “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”  in Mexico City last October.

Photo by Jeffrey Roberts,

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