Facts About THE ROLLING STONES That Will Blow Your Mind

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The Rolling Stones certainly know how to belt out a tune. They’ve been doing for over 50 years. And with so much fame and fortune, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking no stone has been left unturned. But with such a long time in the limelight, surely there are still some secrets that will blow your mind?

  1. An Inflatable Penis Often Accompanied the Stones on Stage

The band recruited the support of an inflatable penis, nicknamed the “Tired Grandfather” for the Tour of the Americas in 1975. To the amusement of fans, the giant phallus frequently suffered from erectile dysfunction, and Mick Jagger would reportedly attack and at other times mount the penis.

As you might imagine, the “Tired Grandfather” wasn’t entirely welcome at all concerts, but it certainly rose to the occasion on the Tour of Europe ‘76 when the crowds roared in Frankfurt, a city already famous for its sausages.

  1. A Young Mick Jagger Famously Took a Bite out of his Tongue, Which the Rocker Claims Transformed his Vocals from “Posh” to Gravely

In a magazine issue of New York Magazine, published on the 19th October 1981, Jagger credited his famously rough vocals to an accident whilst playing basketball at the age of 16. Apparently, he collided with another player and bit part of his tongue off in the process. He barely spoke for a week after the incident, and his voice came back much rougher, with that rhythm and blues vibe he’s known for.

Whether the stories true or not, those plump lips and tongue have made the Rolling Stones famous.


  1. Keith Richards Once Smacked a Stage Runner over the Head with His Guitar Mid-Song.

While the band can barely distinguish between different concerts, the 1981 performance at Virginia’s Hampton Coliseum is well remembered by Mike and Keith.

While belting out “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” someone ran onto the stage and Keith responded by giving them a quick whack over the head with his guitar.

In a recent interview with Google Music, Keith recalls, “Security was a bit slow, and I saw some guy heading straight for Mick. I saw nobody between him and Mick … I have no idea what this guy is gonna do, I don’t know if he’s going to stab Mick, hug him, kiss him or roll over and screw him… All I know is that he’s trying to get his hands on Mick, and this I have to prevent…. and I do have a weapon in my hands.”

Apparently, once security intervened, Richards claimed, “The damn thing stayed in tune, and this is the greatest advert for Fender that I can give you.”

  1. The Band’s Long Lochs Coped Plenty of Flack from British Hairdressers

As the Stone’s notoriously messy, long hair took hold amongst Britain’s hip crowd, salons and barbershops across the country were increasingly annoyed, even taking to the newspapers to rant about the loss of clientele.

Of course, the Stone’s thought this very amusing and in December 1964 placed an ad in England’s New Musical Express (NME), wishing a “Happy Christmas to all starving hairdressers and their families”.

The advertisement was well-timed, just a month before the release of the smash second album, The Rolling Stones No. 2.

  1. 14 Hotels Reportedly Turned down the Stones in 1966

While the band toured America in 1966, tour organisers struggled to find a hotel in New York City who was willing to put a roof over the Stones It was not all due to their reputation as notoriously wild partying, but because many hotels were concerned about battling the band’s equally wild fans.

  1. A Young Angelina Jolie Starred in One of the Stone’s Music Videos.

The actress appeared as a stripper in the band’s “Anybody Seen My Baby?” music video in 1997. It’s reported Jagger pursued the Jolie during filming, with recent claims that the pair had a brief fling.

  1. The Rolling Stones Have Their Own Major Slot Game Online

The Rolling Stones are arguably the world’s greatest rock & roll band. Perhaps not as creative as the Beatles, or as radical as the Velvet Underground, but certainly a powerful and long-lasting force.

It may come as little surprise then, to learn that the band released their own slot from game provider Aristocrat. Since 2015, fans of the Stones have been able to relieve the band’s smash hits while winning some cash of their own.

  1. The Rolling Stones Participated in a Commercial for Kellogg’s Cereals

It’s tough to believe, but in 1964 Mick and Keith sang a tune for the leading breakfast cereal brand’s popular Rice Krispies. It went something a little like this: “Wake up in the morning, there’s a snap around the place, wake up in the morning; there’s a crackle in your face. Wake up in the morning, there’s a pop that really says Rice Krispies for you.”

Brian Jones co-wrote the jingle for J. Walter Thompson ad agency for the princely sum of 400 pounds. The tune eventually became the well-known slogan ‘snap, crackle and pop’.

  1. The Rolling Stones Were Marketed as Complete Opposite of the Beatles, and the Rivalry Worked a Charm

The battle between the Rolling Stones and the Beatles has been going on since the swinging sixties. Apparently, between 1966 and 1967 the Stone’s music was geared towards the spaced-out pop tunes, which more popular at the time, and the band has a psychedelic image more akin to the Beatles.

In fact, John Lennon and Paul McCartney even handed over a song to the Stones. After a chance meeting with the band’s manager in 1963, McCartney and Lennon wrote: “I Wanna Be Your Man” for the Stones. With that said, everyone made psychedelic music at the time, including Deep Purple, so the Stones weren’t anything out of the ordinary.

It wasn’t until later that the band took on its own image and were cleverly marketed as the ‘bad boy’ counterpart to the adorably goofy and good-natured Beatles. The group ditched the boy band-esque attire and embraced a more shaggier, attention seeking look that has stuck with the band to this day. Of course, all the drugs, sex and rock n roll antics did plenty to compliment the rough image.

  1. The British rock band has broken a few records here and there…

In December 1998, the Stones became the first rock’n'roll band to perform in Russia.  Their first application to perform in Moscow in 1967 was rejected after Soviet officials checked the band out at a concert in Warsaw, Poland and were unimpressed by the brash behaviour.

In 2006, the Stones performed a free gig on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. More than 1.5 million fans flocked to the beach, which some say makes it the largest rock concert in history. The event attracted fans from all over South America, the United States and even Europe with eager groupies setting up camp on the foreshore weeks in advance.

The British rock band is the highest earning rock band in history with concerts that have grossed more than $750 million.

  1. We All Know Mick Jagger Is Quite the Ladies Man But Did You Know He Has Eight Children?

Mick welcomed his eighth child into the world at the ripe old age of 73 in December 2016 with his girlfriend, 30-year-old Melanie Hamrick, a professional ballerina from America. The baby was named Deveraux OCTAVIAN Basil and Octavian is an old Latin word meaning for “born eighth”.

Mick’s eight offspring range from in age from 1-47 and were conceived with five different mothers, including Jerry Hall (former wife), Bianca Jagger, Luciana Gimenez, Marsha Hunt and Melanie Hamrick. While Jagger has had many romantic relationships, he has only been married once and divorced once to Jerry Hall, the mother of four of Mick’s children. He’s also the proud grandfather of five children and became a great-grandfather on 19 May 2014.

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