Open Call: EXXILES Seek New Vocalist

Exxiles singer audition

Symphonic prog metal band Exxiles just issued the following announcement about seeking a new guest vocalist to appear on upcoming material:

Hello dear friends!! We are happy to announce that we are opening our second contest (second from the trilogy) only this time we are looking for a vocal guest.

In the first one, we were looking for a guitar player guest, we received very interesting ideas from musicians of different countries, and after listening to all these talented musicians, we found what the band was looking for, this is how we met Antonio Rivera, who is now an oficial member of this family.

There are amazing musicians out there with great ideas and, if it is possible, we would love if you share this journey with us! The contest will be open till the 20th of May 2017 starting NOW! It is open for male and female vocalists.

If you are interested please contact us at the inbox in the official Facebook page and we’ll send you the track. So, if you have a vocalist friend please share this post! All the best for all of you!!

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