Exclusive: Stream PROJECT CONCINNITY’s New Song “Evanescent”

Exclusive: Stream PROJECT CONCINNITY's New Song "Evanescent"

Project Concinnity is an up-and-coming band hailing from Milwaukee that pulls influences from artists like Periphery, Intervals, and I Built The Sky. The band materialized when Shane Garski (bass) and Jared Roth (guitar) got together to combine their musical talents. Shortly after, the third member Patrick Maes (drums), was introduced to the band.

The band is releasing their debut song “Evanescent” today, and they teamed up with as at Prog Sphere for an exclusive premiere. Stream it below.

About the song, Roth commented: “For ‘Evanescent’ we strove to achieve a stable balance of technical and harmonious parts without compromising a toe-tapping rhythmic groove. This song’s original riff started off with the mindset of simply playing a chord and following it with a series of picked notes that complimented that chord. I wrote the demo a few months before the band had started to form and was left untouched. Later on, as Shane and I were scouring through the endless riffs I had, we stumbled upon the demo. Reviving the potential I once saw in the song, we decided to use it as the first song written for the band. At the time we were struggling to find a drummer so we had a mediocre drum portion I had written out that seemed to lack compared to the rest of the instruments. That’s when we reached out to a buddy of ours, Ryan Roberts, help finalize the drums. Later on we sought out our current drummer, Patrick Maes. The song now serves as the our first single and the prelude to our upcoming concept album that will be released in the near future.

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