Exclusive: Soar Away With Powerful Solos With “F-22 Raptor” From PYRAMIDS ON MARS


Guitarist Kevin Estrella’s project Pyramids On Mars has a new album being released on December 21, 2019, entitled ”Edge of the Black”. Offering an aural palette of intense instrumental rock, it’s emotional, provocative and 4-dimensional

The first single from this album is ‘F-22 Raptor’, the song soars like the jet itself, with intricate riffs set alongside aggressive chugging and the visuals are of the USAF stealth tactical fighter the song is named after. Prog Sphere is running an exclusive premiere of the song; stream it below.

Following up on the two previous albums from Pyramids On Mars“Edge of the Black” was written, composed and performed solely by Keven Estrella who cites influences from musical greats including J.S Bach and Antonio Vivaldi with today’s guitar virtuosos Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani. Edge of Black pays homage to these artists while still maintaining Estrella’s own creative flair. Estrella shares his thoughts on the album:

“On Edge of The Black, I wanted to put emphasis on songwriting and telling a story. The emphasis is not just on the lead guitar melody, but on the band as a whole. Harmonic variations on repeating themes are strongly utilized; like rhyming phrases in spoken language that allows easier accurate retelling of the original story. This idea of repeating music phrases/themes so the audience can easily recall it and hum it all the way home.” 

Full of determination and talent, Estrella compares his music to that of Satriani and Rush. In his own words:

“I honestly think ‘Edge of the Black’ will do for this decade what Joe Satriani’s ‘Surfing With The Alien’ did for instrumental rock back in the ’80s.  It captures the same passion, energy, and melodic hooks, yet it has an updated sound. It is no secret I am heavily influenced by the band Rush. They are a part of my circuitry.

 “Edge of The Black” is available for pre-order on Bandcamp here.


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