VIDEO:​ ​Dream​ ​Theater​ ​”Images​ ​&​ ​Words​” ​25th Anniversary​ ​Documentary

VIDEO:​ ​Dream​ ​Theater​ ​"Images​ ​&​ ​Words​" ​25th Anniversary​ ​Documentary

FreqsTV has launched a special documentary on Dream Theater‘s seminal 1992 album Images and Words, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. To celebrate it, the band has toured this year all over the globe and are returning to North America later this month for a set of new dates.

Reflecting back on how the album came to fruition, guitarist John Petrucci comments: “By the time James [Labrie] came in everything was pretty much ready to go. So what he did, bringing his voice in, just really made these songs that we were writing totally come to completion, come to life. Because, he not only had the sound that we were looking for as far as his vocal quality, but he had the range and the ability to do anything we wanted to do.

Watch the full documentary below.

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