DJINN-GHÜL Tackles Current State of Humanity with “Thine Hollow” Video Single

DJINN-GHÜL Tackles Current State of Humanity with “Thine Hollow” Video Single

Denver, Colorado based one-man experimental death metal band DJINN-GHÜL is on the verge of releasing a new album Sordes Pyramis, out on November 24th. Premiering today via Prog Sphere is a video for single “Thine Hollow.” Watch it below.

The mainman behind the project Grant Nachbur commented, “‘Thine Hollow’ is a bleak metaphor for the current state of humanity and our planet. Many aspects of our being are governed and altered by unknown entities in some way, all the way down to the food/drink we consume and the very air we breathe. The track pertains to the arrival of a soulless harbinger of the end times- interpreted from the thoughtless, materialistic nature of the human collective existing in the anthropocene.

About the video Nachbur, who handles vocals, instrumentation and production on the upcoming release, said: “Thine Hollow’s video visually fleshes out the concept I previously explained. This “harbinger” of the human collapse, depicted as a mysterious tetrahedron, is materialized by a group of faceless beings. Hooded and cloaked as to hide their identity, the cult manufactures the demise of an entire society, with their motives of doing so remaining mostly unknown. 

Immense in comparison to the size of even an entire planet, the pyramid moves its way across space, consuming all in its path until it reaches Earth. Fulfilling its purpose, the monolith begins to alter the very inhabitants of the planet- changing them into unrecognizable, disgusting beings who rapidly begin to rot away. Finally, the structure begins feeding off the planet and its population, pulling everything organic into an inescapable vortex until the pyramid becomes the flesh and blood that it consumed.

Nachbur expects that the upcoming album, Sordes Pyramis, will be a welcome diversification to the past releases. He goes on saying, “I’ve experimented with many new sounds and genres, allowing DJINN-GHÜL to stand out further from it’s platform. Listeners should expect greatly improved production and songwriting as well as a disgusting soup of our signature Brutal Death Metal/Slam blended with symphonic, industrial and electronic piquancies.

Watch a video for “Thine Hollow” below. Sordes Pyramis is out on November 24th and is available for pre-order on Bandcamp. Follow DJINN-GHÜL on Facebook here.

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