DEVIN TOWNSEND: “My Goal as a Musician is to Move Fast”

DEVIN TOWNSEND: "My Goal as a Musician is to Move Fast"

Devin Townsend discussed his musical career with Ultimate Guitar. The Canadian musician told:

“My goal as a musician is to move fast. The faster I can articulate ideas, the faster I can get into the channel.

“For me, music is about riding the lightning and you have to jump onto that and be prepared to move quickly to capture that.

“So what works best for me is if I can just tell people, ‘Try this; try this.’ My role becomes more compositional than technical.

“I’ve been playing guitar my whole and I’ve got a decent amount of facility but I’d much rather not.

“The thing I’ve always thought is you can say anything to an audience as long as it’s presented with an aesthetic that’s familiar.

“You can take the most avant-garde ideas but if it’s done verse/pre-chorus/chorus/verse, you could say anything and if you have the right compression on it, there’s a good chance people will buy it.

“I’ve always had a big fuckin’ mouth. For me, so much of who I am and what I do creatively is rooted in instinct. Theory, technique and all that shit is a distant third to instinct and gut. With production and all this stuff, I’m just trying to follow the muse in whichever way it leads.”

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