TOOL is Yet to Enter Studio This Fall, Says DANNY CAREY

Danny Carey

A fan talked with Danny Carey at The Baked Potato club in LA and asked him about the new Tool record, saying via Fourth Eye:

I went to The Baked Potato tonight and caught the first set of the Doug Webb Allstars.

During the break I was fortunate to talk with Danny, and I asked him how high Tool fans must be to think the band would be releasing a new album prior to this upcoming tour.

He laughed and said, ‘They can believe whatever they want, but it’s not gonna happen.’ He added, and I’m condensing/paraphrasing here, that they hope to get into the studio to record in the fall.

IF (and I’ll say it again, IF) Tool enters the studio in the Fall to record the new album, that means the record won’t be out probably before Spring 2018. Or, well, it may never going to happen.

Anyway, check below a couple of cool Tool memes.

Tool - meme 6

Tool - meme 5

Tool - meme 4

Tool - meme 3

Tool - meme 2

Tool - meme 1

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