Report: CHRIS CORNELL Had Fresh Track Marks on His Arm

Report: CHRIS CORNELL Had Fresh Track Marks on His Arm

TMZ posted a report claiming Chris Cornell had fresh track marks from drug use on his arm prior to suicide, saying (via Ultimate Guitar):

“We’ve learned [Chris] had fresh track marks on his arm when his body was discovered in a Detroit hotel room.

“Sources connected to the investigation tell us the track marks were ‘obvious.’ The singer had a history of using drugs. The toxicology tests will reveal what drugs were found in Chris’ system.”

The same source also posted a detailed report regarding Chris‘ final talk with his wife Vicky, saying:

“He was complaining about the show and his crew, saying, ‘They fucked up again. They had 3 days to fix my in-ears and I was getting static. I couldn’t hear.’

“He then started to complain, ‘I blew my voice. I blew my voice.’ He kept repeating it. And then he changed the subject to something that made no sense.

“Vicky says she knew something was seriously wrong and said to Chris, ‘I need to know what you took tonight. You don’t sound right, sweetheart.’ He replied, ‘I was really angry and I just took two Ativan. I’m really pissed and I had to calm myself down.’

“Vicky replied, ‘I need to know what you took. It doesn’t sound like two Ativan. It sounds like you took something else. You need to tell me now what you took. I forgive you.’

“Vicky says at that point Chris’ entire demeanor changed. He got aggressive – not toward her – but his tone was ‘cocky and aggressive.’ She says she immediately had a flashback to 14 years before, when Chris was abusing Oxycontin, when it got so bad at one point he nearly died.

“Chris then changed the subject and made no sense at all. Vicky panicked, hung up and called Chris’ bodyguard, begging him to race over to his room and get inside, and she said if he had to knock the door down then so be it. She had never had someone check on him in 14 years, but she was afraid he would die.

“She says the bodyguard knocked down the front door but couldn’t knock down the second, so she used a second phone to call the hotel and plead with them to open the interior door. She was screaming, ‘He’s having a heart attack.’

“Vicky was still on the phone with the bodyguard when he was able to knock down the second door and saw Chris’ body hanging from an exercise band.

“Vicky says it took around 30 minutes from the time she hung up with Chris to the time the bodyguard found Chris.”

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